Jun 2005

FeedLounge Alpha Announced

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Having been quiet in the back of the room for the last few months, Alex and I are proud to announce our new project to the world.

Welcome to the world of FeedLounge, a web-based news reader that was designed and built to act like a rich-client, but delivered in a web client package.


But Scott, why did you build it?

I’m so please that you asked :)
I was continually frustrated by the fact that my favorite news reader, NetNewsWire, only allowed me to read items on one machine. While that is not the fault of a rich client application like NNW, my attempt to read news from many machines led me to frustration. Since I do a lot of roaming work with my laptop, and have a couple of desktops in various locations, I constantly used several machines and news reading applications to read news throughout my work day. The problem with all of this is syncing. NNW does syncing with Bloglines, but not in a good way. Bloglines forces itself to be the master in the relationship, so the sync relationship is not a two way street. Thus, I co-created FeedLounge. While I long for the user experience that a rich client can provide, I believe web applications are the correct delivery mechanism for this type of application. I hope everyone that uses the application find it to be as useful as a rich client application.

Alex led the website development, user experience and UI design, while I focused on the backend application, database, etc. The application has been an awesome experience in building, and we are all excited to share it with you. The FeedLounge team is larger than just the two of us, and they will start speaking up as we go along. I will be covering the development of the backend, etc, since I am a geek like that.

Since Alex and I are both believers of being open and up front, we will both be talking about most aspects of feedlounge on our own blogs, as well as the FeedLounge blog. I can’t wait to ‘brain dump’ all of this info that has been pent up waiting for the Alpha. So pull up a chair, sit down, check out the website, and let us know what you think. Hopefully we can push through the alpha test and into beta to get the application into more hands.

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11 Responses to “FeedLounge Alpha Announced”

  1. Alex Says:

    Congrats partner - great work!!

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  3. FeedLounge Says:


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  8. Julio Ojeda-Zapata Says:

    This post is a bit misleading: NetNewsWire does NOT limit users to one Mac but syncs across multiple ones. So, for that matter, does NewsGator via a Web interface (which works in ANY browser on any platform) along with Windows desktop applications. In fact, NG Web and NG desktop sync with each other. If you’re going to sell FeedLounge on the strength of its advanced Web features, fine, but I suggest not selling competitors short.

  9. Alex Says:

    It’s not at all our intention to knock other feed readers. Scott only has one Mac, so the syncing NNW offers isn’t something that can work for him. I’m in the same situation - one Mac, one PC (like many web application developers).

  10. Scott Sanders Says:

    Please do not put words in my mouth like that. I said that NNW only allowed me to read feeds on one machine, not one Mac. I use and like and paid for NNW. I have one Mac and several PCs in several geographic locations. I helped beta test NNW 2.0, and understand that it does syncing, but not in any useful way for me.
    With Newsgator’s acquisition of FeedDemon, they are working the Windows angle in the same way NNW does Macs. Neither of these solutions work for my situation.
    I am not knocking feedreader vendors individually. I am sorry if you feel the post is misleading.

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