Aug 2004

SCPlugin - subversion contextual menu for OS X

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Just try to install SCPlugin, a Finder contextual menu for Subversion (svn). Works just as well as TortoiseSVN does on Windows, so I am a happy camper.

In case you try to build and install it yourself, the installation file misses one minor point. Once you have installed it, and restarted the Finder, you have to go to its preference pane and turn it on! I would have expected it to be on by default.

Jolly useful though, for those commandline disadvantaged.

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One Response to “SCPlugin - subversion contextual menu for OS X”

  1. Murk Says:

    SCPlugin is way too buggy and lacking of features to be used in a production environment. I would love it if SCPlugin even had 1/10th the features and stability of TortoiseSVN.

    Is there no way to further development of SCPlugin?

    Will Mac ever have an adequate Subversion client?