Sep 2005

Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW

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Just installed my new Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW LCD monitor, and I must say wow! It seems huge compared to the 2001 I was using. With the 1900×1200 resolution (as well as 24″ of viewable space), I will be able to see more windows at the same time, to attempt to quench my thirst for information.

The brightness was extremely high, and when I went to change it, the initial setting was 50%. 100% brightness seems to light up the entire room! I set it down around 20, as that seems to work well for me in normal office lighting.

As a bonus, it has a 9-in-1 flash card reader built into the side. Very handy.

Probably won’t have more to say on this unless it breaks, or someone buys me a 30 inch Cinema display as an incremental upgrade. I would recommend this to anyone who has the space. And if you are in the tech industry, you cannot afford to go without in screen, chair, or desk. Those are the basics of comfort and safety in your job.

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5 Responses to “Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW”

  1. Geof F. Morris Says:

    Phew! A $1,000 monitor. But I guess that, if you do what you do for a living, you can justify it.

    Do you have a dual-display setup? If so, it’d be awesome to see it in action. :D

  2. Scott Sanders Says:

    Since software is all I do for a living, the cost is (to myself) justiiable. I used to run Dual 21″ CRTs back in the day (1995, at $4000 apiece).

    I am currently running a triple screen/triple machine setup - using Synergy to share one mouse and keyboard between my desktop and my 2 laptops (a 17″ PowerBook and a 17″ Dell).

    Altogether, I am staring at 5,865,000 pixels across the 3 screens. 5.8 megapixels is GOOOD!

    I should blog a pic one of these days.

    I forgot to mention a coffeemaker as an essential :)

  3. Geof F. Morris Says:

    Oh. My. Gracious.

  4. eT Says:

    Yes, Scott, you really should blog a pic of your installation! ;-)

    BTW: what kind of graphical card are you using to support your tripple screen solution?


  5. Scott Sanders Says:

    I definetly will have to get a picture taken, when I clean my desk up a bit :)

    The 3 sreen setup is actually 2 laptops and one desktop, all running normal video cards, using Synergy ( to share the keyboard and mouse.