Sep 2005

Skyroll on Wheels

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Alex had pointed me in the direction of the Skyroll On Wheels, and with my recent flurry of consulting travel, I decided to pick one up and try it out.

Having now tripped it around the coutry 5 times now, I would have to say this is the bag to have if you are a light traveler. It is small, light, well-designed, and mostly well built. The only problem I have had with mine is that the wheels seemed to not be perfectly aligned, so it does not stand up perfectly straight.

The garment bag that wraps around the case does well with 3 changes of clothes, but not much more. If the clip straps were longer, I believe it could handle it, and it would still not have a problem with being carry-on size. I may need to ‘customize’ mine for that purpose. I also like the top loading compartment, great for the toiletries you need to carry.

If you need a small, lightweight carry on suitcase, and you are a light traveler, this is the suitcase for you.

Overall, I would give this bag a A-/B+, but only from the wheel alignment issue. I have now received 4 compliments on my bag from stewardesses on various flights. It looks very small compared to other carry-on bags (the reason they looked at it in the first place), and then the integrated garment bag closes the deal . If you are looking to try and pick up a stewardess, this is the closest thing to a baby in the park ;)

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