Feb 2008

XML Benchmarks - Tango ups the ante

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Speed master Kris made some changes to Tango’s xml libraries today, and increased the performance of the parser to over 500MB/second! The machine is still the quad core 2.66GHz Intel box running Linux with 4GB of RAM. This run reflects revision 3286 of Tango SVN.

I will only update the images here, I think you should now know how I obtained them…

While SAX is showing slower in speed than DOM in Tango (I hope that is as weird to read as it was for me to write), you can see that the RAM usage graph puts it back into perspective.

I also forgot to note that this quad core box is now capable of parsing XML at over 2GB/sec if all 4 cores are used. Impressive indeed.

Tango is an alternate standard library for the D Programming Language.

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