Mar 2008

XML Benchmarks - updated graphs with RapidXml

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I have added the recent RapidXml to the graphs. Note that the RAM usage for RapidXml skyrockets, cost it efficiency. Noted on their homepage, they make a copy of the input buffer, because the input is ‘destroyed’ while parsing. I would assume that this memory usage would fit the machine it is running on, but that is a HUGE amount of allocation.

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2 Responses to “XML Benchmarks - updated graphs with RapidXml”

  1. I-MOD Says:

    Hey Scott,
    Do you have any benchmarks on the Yage parser? I also have a parser that I’ve written in D that I’d love to see benchmarks on. Is there an easy way to get that included in these benchmarks?


  2. Scott Sanders Says:


    I don’t have them, but if you modify one of the benchmark files and post it here or email to me at scott at stonecobra daht com, I will include it.