Jul 2003

We need a Rural Broadband Act

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We need a Rural Broadband Act, quite like the Rural Electrification Act (A better explanation of the act is here. The internet is the ‘library of tomorrow’, the new communication pipe, and it exists here today in urban areas. We need to make it exist for every person in this country, if we would like to keep any edge we may have. Nost just dial-up access. I am talking true broadband, minimum 1Mbps but more like 100Mbps considering the time it would take this bill to pass. The conomy is in the dumps, this would create new jobs, not only on the infrastructure front, but on the internet front as well.

But wait, Google says the Rural Broadband Enhancement Act (RBEA) has already been attempted. Well, what happened then? If we look at this page, we see that everything regarding rural broadband deployment was refered to committee in early 2000, and is not out yet. Will they ever come out of committee? How long does something sit in committee?

This research was pretty dishearening, and I think that the blogging world might do some good by latching onto this and attempting to move it from its existing glacial path.

But I could be wrong…

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